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March 11, 2019 at 1:06 PM


Checking key fluids in your car is really easy and is something that, ideally, should be done before every long journey. In order to check and top-up all of these fluids, you will need to open the bonnet.

The level of oil in your car is checked using the dipstick. You need to pull this out, clean it with a rag or kitchen roll and put it back into its holder without wiggling it around. Remove the dipstick again and check to see if there is oil above the minimum mark. If not, you will need to add some into the oil compartment. You need to check what oil is correct for the make and model of your car.

The water level is visible from a see-through tank that will have minimum and maximum lines. The amount of water in the tank should be between these lines; if not, fill a jug with cold water and pour it into the tank until the level rises to the correct position.

In most cars, you won't be able to see the windscreen washer fluid level. You can periodically top-up the windscreen washer in your car and it's best to always keep some ready-mixed formula in your boot that you can use if you ever run out.


This is the most technically difficult job on this list, but it isn't impossible. All you need is a jack (which should be stored in the boot) a pair of axle stands, a spanner, new oil and an oil filter.

  • Jack the car up and rest it on the correct points (which you can find in the owner's manual) using the axle stands
  • Get under the car and locate the oil pan
  • Unscrew the drain plug and drain the old oil into the oil pan
  • After 10-20 minutes, all the oil should have been drained out. Replace the drain plug
  • Remove the oil filter - it should just unscrew off - and swap it for the new one
  • Fill the engine with the new oil
  • Using the dipstick, check you've added enough oil

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