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September 17, 2018 at 10:32 AM



Despite the impression given by the media in recent times, German cars are still highly sought after the world over, and particularly in the UK. 

Certain news stories have failed to tarnish the image of German cars as outstandingly well-made, reliable and stylish. This long established faith in German car manufacturers has stood the test of time with many buyers remaining convinced that German-made equates to quality and craftsmanship. As well as consistently a top buy for the UK market, Chinese customers also hanker after German cars which are particularly regarded for their robust body and components and for their roominess. Other countries such as Russia and Eastern Europe have continued to ensure German brands sell well, and German cars are renowned for keeping their value much more effectively than some other makes. 


There is no doubt that German cars appertain to a certain classic style, and models in the Volkswagen group such as Porsche and Audi are synonymous with elegance and sophistication and are purchased by discerning individuals and companies from all walks of life. Models such as Mercedes and BMW are also consistently popular across the board with a variety of customers, and provide power and looks that appeal to a wide demographic in the UK and elsewhere. German cars have also featured largely in the film industry with Porsche appearing in movies from 80's films such as Top Gun to more recently made James Bond movies. 

As well as the streamlined looks and stylish image that make German cars loved by a wide spectrum of customers they are also one of the top brands used by the executive classes, and German makes are widely used by those in business who want to create a certain upmarket and luxurious image for their company. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reported that approximately 1.4 million cars were sold to business and fleet sectors of the UK just last year. Of course, in addition to looks, both private buyers and businesses are enamoured of that all-important top of the range engineering and sports car type performance. On a purely economic basis, businesses also recognise the sound financial investment in these premium cars even though they may be more expensive than other makes. Companies recognise that they can get good interest rates and better returns on cars, as well as fewer services and decreased maintenance costs due to that robust structure and engineering. 


Such is the strong reputation of German made cars that recent events in the news have only made the slightest dent in sales, and most customers stand by their long-held perception that German equals excellence in car manufacturing. In fact, opinion is that these events will only make the standard even higher in the future and lead to more improved models if that’s possible. German businesses have built up such strong authenticity and credibility over the years that this is what still appeals to buyers and makes them an attractive proposition for new and existing customers everywhere. Business analysts predict that the way forward for German companies will be to use this period as an impetus to get even bigger and better and enhance their image further in the near future. 


That notoriously fantastic engineering and build mean that even though the cost of the cars are higher than some, a modern German make car won’t cost more over a lifetime than a more basic or older model. What it costs in price will be more than made up for in durability, strength and longevity. In terms of fleet cars, the drive for environmental awareness has actually been more beneficial as these technologies work much better in larger cars leading to lower road tax and sometimes 5% reductions in benefit-in-kind taxes. German car manufacturers have effectively earned their reputation with an unparalleled history of quality, safety, environmental responsibility and last but not least, great style and performance. 

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